I write for healthcare professionals, patients, and consumers.




My work is focused on adult acute care and health, and oncology.

Services include:

  • Needs assessments 
  • CE/CPD content
  • Slide decks
  • Research reports
  • Web articles
  • Patient education
  • Medical news
  • Plain-language                    research summaries
  • Virtual conference                    coverage





and Slides

Measuring Arterial Blood Gases

Sodium-Hydrogen Exchange and Bicarbonate Reabsorption in the Kidney

Deoxyhemoglobin and Elimination of Carbon Dioxide


I am a registered nurse and freelance medical writer.

As a bedside nurse, I cared for hospitalized adults on medical-surgical, telemetry, oncology, and stem-cell transplant units.

As a writer, I have written to professional and lay audiences. 

I can write needs assessments, and create course content and slides for continuing medical education, and nursing and allied health continuing professional development. I can cover virtual congress presentations, and write patient and consumer materials, including plain-language research summaries and health-related blog articles.







Margaret H. Wright BSN RN